The brand bavarianDEMON

DEMONically reliable, secure and innovative!

We are inventors and manufacturers of some of the best stabilization systems for remote-controlled model helicopters and model aircraft that exist on the market. Our proximity to the industrial sector also ensures maximum quality for our customers from the model construction industry.

Behind the most striking brand bavarianDEMON stands the German sensor manufacturer CAPTRON Electronic GmbH from Bavaria. As a medium-sized company, we have been developing, producing and distributing innovative sensors for various applications in human-machine interaction since 1983.

What matters to our customers in the industrial sector is also integrated into every of our RC systems for the model building sector: maximum safety, excellent operating comfort, impressive functions and comprehensive service.

In short, simply best quality. Not just fine words, but rather ISO 9001-certified quality - an absolute rarity in the model building market!

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Innovations are our strengths

CAPTRON is also a co-founder of the era of 3-axis stabilization systems for remote-controlled model helicopters and is also known as a manufacturer of the HeliCommand systems.

With our proven bavarianDEMON technology, we set standards for intelligent, modern and safe systems for  model helicopters and model aircrafts.

Whether for sail, engine and 3D aerobatics, helicopters or jets, electric or turbine-powered - every flight model benefits from the highly developed stabilization systems from bavarianDEMON.

Pilots of scale models worth a mid-class car and higher trustfully rely on our technology - with success, from the first flight.

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About the company
Innovations are our strengths

Since 1983, the CAPTRON Electronic GmbH incorporates seminal measurement and sensor technology. Always in search for innovations CAPTRON is shaping the future in man-machine communication in various branches of the industry.

Flybarless Systems
Suitable for any model helicopter

bavarianDEMON Flybarless systems for model helicopters provide maximum safety, innovation, quality and performance - Made in Germany.

Fixed-wing aircraft gyros
Absolute control even by strong winds

With the high-quality fixed-wing aircraft gyro systems CORTEX and CORTEXpro, bavarianDEMON offers the probably most universal 3-axis stabilization systems for model aircraft on the market.

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