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On this page we provide videos on different topics. In addition to the included instructions, you would like to start up your new gyro system via video or do a setup? Then you are here at the right place! With plenty of instruction and setup videos there stand nothing in the way for your perfect  flight adventure

CORTEX pro Setup with cable loom

Disconnect all servos, that are meant to be stabilized, from the receiver, and connect them to the CORTEXpro’s output ports. Then connect the required cables 1-6 and AUX (gyro channel) of the supplied cable harness to the corresponding receiver outputs, where the servos had been previously connected. Now connect the servos to the CORTEXpro’s output ports 1-6. The same assignment applies as for the input side. Cable 1 on the receiver corresponds to output 1 on the CORTEXpro, etc.

The channels are intentionally marked by numbers only, you are free to assign them as desired. Only the following needs to be taken into account:

  • At least connections 1, 2 and AUX (gyro gain channel) must be connected.
  • The gyro gain channel (grey cable) should be associated with a transmitter channel to enable gain  adjustments, and/or to switch between the gyro’s modes in flight. Later on, this should be assigned to a switch (e.g. linked to flight mode).

Channels that are not subject to being stabilized, e.g. gas/throttle, must not be looped through, but remain connected directly to the receiver.

CORTEX pro Setup with 1 serial input

Receivers with a serial output option are even easier to connect, as all channels are carried via a single cable. Connect the receiver’s serial output with port B on the CORTEXpro, and the servos per channel assignment in the transmitter to ports 1-7.


Example: Tx channel 2 = Elevator => elevator servo to port 2


Up to 2 (diversity) Spektrum satellite receivers can also be connected on the side of the system. If only one satellite is used (technically possible, but not recommended), the port closer to the LED is to be used (Master). The satellites are bound either by using a main receiver, or by the software (see Info text for details)

CORTEX pro 2 serial in- and output

Use this option to connect either one or two serial receiver outputs (with redundancy), followed by any power/servo distribution box (if so with multiple serial receiver inputs), e.g. Jeti CB200/400, Emcotec DPSI2018, PowerBox Competition SRS, etc. The CORTEXpro supports all common serial input protocols (see Tech. Data at the end of the manual), and outputs the same signal type as teached in.

Exampel: Input Jeti EX-bus => Output JETI EX-bus incl. gyro information.

Depending on the receiver or power/servo distribution box, the CORTEXpro handles up to 16 stabilized channels, up to 24 channels all together. All channels that are subject to being stabilized must be programmed to the lowest 16 channels per assignment in the transmitter. All channels from 17 to 24 will only be run through without stabilization. Same for the low 16 channels, not being moved during teach-in. Thus, these can be used as „normal“ channels too.

Connect one receiver to port A, and, respectively, two receivers to the ports A and B. Ports 5 and 6 output the serial protocol, which can be used for either one or two inputs into the distribution box, depending on what options the distribution box offers. Using this option enables up to 16 stabilized channels, and up to 24 altogether. So, all channels that are subject to being stabilized must be programmed to the lowest 16 channels per assignment in the transmitter.

Firmware Update CORTEX pro + AXON